The Anti-Newsletter

Newsletters are overdone. Thoughtful public notebooks aren’t.

Throughout this publication, I’m documenting my creative entrepreneurial journey while sharing stories & lessons from along the way.

“Live different” is my approach to life.

It means go out and be creative. Pursue an independent career. Work from 10-3 or 3-10 if you so choose. Travel more than you think you should. Eat the calories. Grow a garden. Touch grass. Take pictures. Dress however. F*** the Joneses.

Essentially, live different.

Don’t conform, create.

All of our paths will look different. I’m sharing mine here, and if you’ve felt alone in your creative journey, this could be the place for you.

Leave a comment, introduce yourself, share what you’re working on, share what you’re struggling with, ask a question, whatever you feel comfortable with - this isn’t a newsletter, it’s one place on the internet where you’ll always feel heard and understood.

who am i?

I’m a creative entrepreneur, freelancer, and financial planner.

I was named a Top 100 Financial Advisor by Investopedia and I’ve been featured in Morning Brew, Nerdwallet, Marketwatch, and more.

for a living, I design & build beautiful websites and help self-employed creatives become financially independent.

  • Founder of Piertree, a finance-focused, creative holding company

  • Founder of Piertree Provides, a nonprofit focused on creative careers & mental health

  • Co-founder of AllStreet Wealth, a virtual, fee-only financial planning firm for our generation

  • Co-creator of AllStreet Advisor Academy, a brand helping financial advisors build better businesses

  • Author of Freelance Finances Made Simple, a 67-page book about how to manage money as a freelancer

  • Creator of Creatorbread, a brand making money & business more approachable for self-employed creatives

  • Creator of Converting Attention, a collection of marketing resources & creative services for financial advisors​

  • Creator of The Crypto Guide, a collection of content to help anyone make sense of the digital asset environment​

a recap of the first 22 months of entrepreneurship, from a personal perspective:

enjoy your stay,

- treyton

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